Satellite Deskworks at Coworking Europe [the video] 3 months ago


The Satellite Deskworks team recently sponsored and participated in the Coworking Europe conference in Amsterdam.

Coworking Europe is a highlight of the global coworking events and this year did not disappoint.

Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger spoke to space operators about about the decision to expand the number or size of their spaces in a presentation titled “To Grow or Not to Grow.”

We also connected with old friends in the workspace industry and got to know a lot of newcomers, as well.

The Coworking Europe official video, which was released this week, was a great opportunity to revisit the energy and excitement around the event and the coworking community in Europe and beyond.

Check out the video below. And get in touch if you have any questions about scaling your space or want to learn more about the Satellite Deskworks coworking software. We’re here to help.

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