The Power of Workspace Automation: a Warmup to the GWA Conference

Coworking Software, GWA

Automation is one of the superpowers of Satellite Deskworks workspace software. With automation, you can […]


10 Strategies to Run a Coworking Space with One Person

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

Can one person run a coworking space? Can you run a space remotely? Can you […]

How to Keep Your Coworking Revenue Steady During the 2020 Holidays

Business, Coworking

This is a tough time to be a coworking space operator. Your revenue is likely […]


The Stimulus is Your Coworking Friend


by Barbara Sprenger, founder and CEO of Satellite Deskworks Covid and government stimulus plans are […]

Young entrepreneur female is preparing a presentation on a laptop.

The Rise of Close to Home Coworking (and How to Harness It)

Business, Coworking

When Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger launched Satellite Workspaces in 2009, she had never […]


There’s Light at the End of this Tunnel: a Message to Coworking Space Operators


by Barbara Sprenger, founder and CEO of Satellite Deskworks It’s so hard to stay positive […]


Coworking and Coffee: a Q&A with the Craftwork Group

Community, Profiles

Coworking and coffee go hand-in-hand. Good coffee is a must-have for many members, and a […]


Automate Your Coworking Space to Weather the Next Six Months of COVID

Coworking Software, Technology

COVID is giving a major jolt to the workspace industry. Commercial real estate will not […]


Best Router for a Coworking Space: a Guide for Workspace Operators


Choosing the best router for a coworking space isn’t as exciting as choosing furniture, art […]

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