What a Year! The Satellite Deskworks Recap of 2019

2019 has been an amazing (and busy!) year for the Satellite Deskworks team. There are now well over 200 spaces around the world powered by our workspace management software, and our community of workspace operators and community managers grows daily.

We’re proud supporters and members of the global workspace industry and this year has given us plenty of opportunity to help, learn, teach and absorb all that this amazing industry offers.

This year we sponsored GWA, GCUC USA and GCUC UK. We attended the Women Who Cowork retreat in Denver and have connected with hundreds of workspace operators, owners and community managers via Zoom, LinkedIn, email, phone and more.

As ever, our priority is helping you save time and make money by running your workspace more efficiently.

It’s that simple.

Our team is laser focused on helping you.

Here are eight of our highpoints of 2019 as we grow, streamline and power-up our business so we can help you do the same.

1. Deskworks was Awarded a Patent

This year, Satellite Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger was awarded a patent for our proprietary coworking software.

In the works since 2014, the patent acknowledges our industry-leading Network Check-in feature that checks members in automatically, measures their usage against other sensing and recording devices, compares to items included in their plan and auto-charges.

Checking members in manually, or asking them to check themselves in, is a thing of the past with the game-changing Satellite Deskworks automation.

2. The Deskworks Clickable Floor Plan

All Satellite Deskworks clients now have access to our Clickable Floor Plan feature.

There’s been a lot of industry buzz about this new feature—and for good reason. Having a Clickable Floor Plan allows you, your members and potential members to see at-a-glance what’s available in your space and gain more insights into space utilization. It also allows people to choose the best workspot for them right from your website, andeven a member view to see who’s your neighbor .

3. Deskworks has Dozens of New Features

In 2019, we added dozens of new features to Satellite Deskworks. Among the most popular ones are: white label settings so you can match Deskworks to your brand colors and style; Check-in Reports to show you at-a-glance who’s in your space; a Reservation Utilization Report to collect more data on space utilization; Buy-it-Now links for your products and much more.

4. We’re Growing Our Team

This year, Daryn DeZengotita from Table Coworking joined the Satellite Deskworks family as sales engineer. Daryn joins our longtime sales coordinator Kathi Firth as we grow our software…and community of workspace operators.

5. Open Q&As On Fridays

Workspace software is a hot topic (and big question) for new space operators. We’re here to help you cut through the noise, learn more about the software and tools you need to run your space, and show you how Satellite Deskworks can help you make money and save time by automating much of your workspace operations.

Through weekly, open Q&As with Daryn, we aim to answer your questions about our software and best practices, get to know you and your workspace needs, and help connect you to the larger workspace industry. Q&As—which we affectionately call Orbits—run every Friday at 9:30 Pacific/*12:30 Eastern. Pick a date that works for you here and join us!

6. A Bunch of New Integrations

Satellite Deskworks integrates with the tools you use to run your workspace business, including Quickbooks, Google Calendar and Slack and lots more. This year, we added a bunch of new integrations—including Greetly, Ezeep and LiquidSpace—to help you better run your space, manage guests and more.

7. New Satellite Deskworks Website

If you’ve ever migrated a website, you know that it is about as much fun as getting your teeth pulled. But it was time to update our site and turn it into a resource for the extended workspace industry, so we built a new website from scratch to better educate, and connect with, space operators.

Satellite Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger has 10-plus years of experience running shared workspaces with her own Satellite Workplace brand and she has a wealth of information and best practices to share.

The new website spotlights the benefits of using Deskworks to power your space. It also features a News & Resources section full of strategies for running profitable, sustainable coworking spaces, shared workplaces, executive suites, work hubs and more.

8. Meeting Room Tablet App

This year, we launched a Meeting Room Tablet App that enables you to display meeting rooms reservations and information on a tablet outside the door of your meeting rooms. Members and guests can see what time the room is available and make a reservation directly from the tablet. The app also displays event titles, which is helpful for public events.

Here’s to a Great 2020!

The entire Satellite Deskworks team is grateful for your support, feedback, ideas and connection. Serving our community of space operators is at the heart of everything we do at Satellite Deskworks and we look forward to helping you grow and thrive in 2020.

Contact us, attend an open Q&A, or request a demo to learn more about Satellite Deskworks workspace management software.

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