7 New Deskworks Features to Prepare for the Workspace Return

Are you prepared for the workspace return?

All signs point to a wave of the newly-remote and work-from-anywhere crowd moving into coworking spaces once we move through COVID.

As you tighten up your marketing and operations and create new offerings for new markets, your workspace software needs to be flexible, customizable and powerful enough to scale with you.

We’re pleased to announce 7 new Satellite Deskworks features to help you prepare for the workspace return.

  1. New automations for your Welcome Letter, so people know what they’re getting without you doing more work.
  2. Interactive floorplan to show off your center, virtually… up to date in real-time.
  3. Security, privacy and one-click GDPR features.
  4. KPI Dashboard for a Management One View of how your center(s) are doing.
  5. Payments to P&L features to simplify reporting.
  6. Expanded automation for those long-term agreements. Stop tracking on a calendar.
  7. Moving-out-of-Covid features: see who’s in the center from anywhere, add reservation buffers, set automatic override prices for recurring charges on the fly, and set quick discount codes that auto-terminate.

Can we walk you through these and answer any questions you may have about our patented workspace software? Or would you like to just bounce some ideas off people who have been running centers for over a decade? Schedule a free 15-minute consult or a full demo to dig into the details of what our software can do to help you run a profitable, sustainable space.

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Coworking Center Best Practices

Coworking Center Best Practices

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