Coworking Software Features Your Members Love

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How often do you take the time to look at your coworking software from a […]

Get Ready for the Onslaught

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Can you feel it in the air?  Even here in California, people are getting out […]

Who are your members?

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I love the different types of members that we attract in our coworking spaces. There […]

Embracing Hybrid Work in Your Coworking Space

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When we launched Satellite Workplaces in 2009, we had never heard the term coworking. We simply […]

The 9 Key Metrics for Coworking Spaces to Report to Investors and Stakeholders

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As coworking spaces become more mainstream, operators need more and more analysis to be able […]

Note from the CEO, Barbara Sprenger

Coworking as an environment for redefining work

Business, Community, Coworking, Note From the CEO

The Great Resignation is on. Don’t underestimate the impact that coworking spaces can have on […]

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