Beyond the Desk: Palletized, Craftwork Coffee Co. and Coworking with Wisdom

Welcome to Beyond the Desk, a new series spotlighting the outstanding coworking spaces powered by Satellite Deskworks workspace software.

Coworking has never been about desk rental. It’s about connection, productivity, purpose, impact, flexibility and doing our best work together.

The Satellite Deskworks team takes pride in helping operators run their spaces more efficiently and more sustainably. Deskworks now powers more than 200 spaces around the world.

Beyond the Desk shines a light on the community of Satellite Deskworks member spaces and operators doing amazing work in their own communities.

To kick off the series, we’re pleased to present Palletized, Craftwork Coffee Co and Coworking with Wisdom.

Palletized, Doral, Florida, USA

Palletized is an industry changing workspace brand offering coworking, cowarehousing and fulfillment in a single location in Doral, Florida.

In the same way that coworking disrupted office rental, Palletized’s cowarehousing and fulfillment services are disrupting traditional models. As the website explains:

Having a conventional warehouse means long multi-year leases or contracts, maintenance, hiring operation staff, acquisition of expensive machinery like forklifts, pallet-jacks, industrial grade racks, not to mention the monthly utility bills.


Palletized offers entrepreneurs and startups access to complex warehouse operations at cost effective rates and benefits, including flexible storage on month-to-month terms, pay for what you need pricing, and flexibility to scale up or down according to need.

Satellite Deskworks is honored to power Palletized as they break new ground with their model and push the shared workspace industry forward.

Craftwork Coffee Co, Fort Worth & Austin, Texas, USA

Craftwork Coffee Co is a workspace brand that pairs community-focused coworking and accessible, craft coffee. On a mission to “draw people out of isolation and into community,” the Craftwork team and brand is made up of rising workspace sensations attracting international attention.


Founded by two friends who envisioned a place where people could, quite literally, work at their favorite coffee shop, Craftwork emphasizes collaboration, community and, of course, coffee.

With four locations in Fort Worth, and Austin, Texas, Craftwork has taken coworking beyond the desk and into the coffee shop.

CoWorking with Wisdom, Berkeley, California, USA

Described as a “sanctuary for creating balance and wisdom in work,” CoWorking with Wisdom brings wellness practices into a professional workspace.

This beautiful shared space in Berkeley, California offers in-house classes on productivity, mindfulness and wellness. The CoWorking with Wisdom team weaves stress management, success and time management methods right into the space and culture.


CoWorking with Wisdom offers coworking, meeting rooms, classes, event space and more.

At the heart of the brand and community is the vision for a new kind of workplace that balances ancient wisdom, mindful practice and whole-person embodiment.


“Our world needs our care, inspiration and service now, more than ever,” the website states. “That is why we have created CoWorking with Wisdom as a space where you can offer your best, by being your best. This is the extraordinary potential of being waiting to unfold in each one of us.”

That wraps up this edition of Beyond the Desk.

To learn more about Satellite Deskworks workspace management software, contact us, come to one of our weekly video Q&As, or request a demo.

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