Can we tell you that you’ve got this?

We’re hitting one of hardest times of the past year, and this is just a brief reminder…to take care of yourself.

With our coworking spaces, we did all the things we should have: kept talking to our landlords, reduced rents as we could, installed recommended air filtration and self-sterilizing sleeves, set up buffer times for cleaning between reservations, got PPP and EIDL funding, took the best possible care of our staff, and communicated, communicated, communicated.

It’s beautiful today in Central California, and we’re feeling the promise of Spring, and the return to normalcy, not too far off.

But the problem is that we don’t know how far off “not too far off” really is. If you run centers, you probably feel the weight of this on your shoulders. Especially while you’ve been trying to buck up staff and members and keep the bank happy.

Can we tell you that you’ve got this? You’ve got this far, and you can get the rest of the way. Don’t give up. We’re so close, and when our industry turns around, the future is going to be so much easier than it was before the pandemic.

What we do is now generally understood as an important piece of the emerging economy. People are not going to go back to 5 days/week in their corporate office, or at least not all of them. Corporations are seeing that they need to — and want to — support their employees working remotely at least part time. A large percentage of those employees just can’t work at home every day, indefinitely.

And you’re the solution.

Here with you,



Barbara Sprenger, Founder & CEO of Satellite Deskworks

Barbara Sprenger

Founder & CEO of Satellite Deskworks

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Coworking Center Best Practices

Coworking Center Best Practices

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