Coworking Software: 15 Must-Have Features

Running a shared workspace is no small task. There are countless questions to be answered, problems to be solved and decisions to be made. One of the most important decisions is which coworking software you’ll use to manage your space.

You need a software system that gives you everything you need to efficiently manage your space and members, without being unnecessarily complex or bloated with features you’ll never use. How do you decide which one to go with? Here are 15 must-have coworking software features for your shared workspace.

1. Member Self-Sufficiency

Choose coworking software that makes the people who use your space as self-sufficient as possible. The software should let them pick their own plan and onboard themselves. This eliminates onboarding administrative hurdles, saves your team time and energy and lets members quickly get to work.

2. Keep Members On Your Site

Members should be able to access their information and make reservations from your site—not a third-party site. This member experience of onboarding, updating information and making reservations should be a seamless part of your brand and business.

3. Great Customer Support

When you have questions about your coworking software, you want to get them answered as quickly and easily as possible. Make sure your coworking software offers friendly, on-demand, human customer support.

4. Easily Apply Discounts through Your Coworking Software

You want to be able to offer discounts on memberships, meeting room rates and other offerings on the fly. Make sure your coworking software offers a quick and easy way to do this.

5. Accept Payment in Multiple Ways through Your Coworking Software

You want to be able to accept payment in multiple ways—not just by credit card. For instance, you may have a member whose membership payment will be made from corporate headquarters; or someone may need to pay by company check; or someone who pays by electronic transfer; or someone needs to delay payment for a few days.

These requests will come up and you want coworking software that makes handling them easy.

Satellite Deskworks is flexible workspace software designed by space operators to save time and money. Request a free demo.

6. Easily Prorate Member Fees

Prorations can be complicated. Make sure your coworking software allows you to prorate on the first month, the second month, not at all, or in whatever way works for your space.

7. Streamlined Registration for Members

You want as much done through the initial member registration as possible. Your registration process should create a member profile, input responses to whatever questions you want to ask, accept a member photo and set up how you’re going to bill the member. You also want to set up recurring billing and the schedule they’ll be on, accept the first payment and automatically process your registration fee.

8. Easy Meeting Room Reservations for Members and Non-members

To make the most use of your shared workspace, you want members and non-members to make as much use of it as you can. People should be able to view and reserve meeting rooms right from your website, with payment being taken out at the time of reservation. Non-members should be able to input their information, reserve a meeting room and be charged for it at the time of reservation.

Members should be able to use any device to make a reservation, including repeating reservations that can be customized in a variety of ways. Your software should then recognize these reservations and automatically include them on the member’s next invoice.

9. Simple, Intuitive and Flexible Billing Options

You don’t need a lot of bells and whistles in your coworking software when it comes to billing; you need a simple, flexible, reliable system. Your coworking software should allow you to offer options on various memberships and products, easily modify or customize those options, and automatically charge different rates for members and non-members.

10. Set Different Member Rates

You want to have the option to charge different rates for different people. Make sure you can input different rates directly into member profiles to ensure they’re automatically charged the correct amount.

11. Refund Payments Directly Through your Coworking Software

You want to be able to refund people directly through your software and not have to go through your online gateway to make a refund. Look for software that allows you to quickly refund payments directly to a member’s account.

12. Customize Day Pass Options

You should be able to create any plan for day passes that you want. For instance, you can say that a day pass is eight hours, or nine hours, or that members can break up day passes into several days by using half a day pass, or even a quarter of a day pass. The customization options are up to you, but your coworking software should be able to handle any customizations you want to make.

13. Offer (and Automatically Refill) Buckets of Hours

For members who don’t need access on a set number of days per week or month, you should be able to offer buckets of hours, as needed. For instance, you could sell 10 day passes as a bucket of hours. When the hours are used up, the bucket automatically refills and charges the member.

14. Quickly Generate Reports in Real-Time

You want to have easy access to real-time reports, including income reports and accounts receivable. These should be easily accessible through your coworking software dashboard.

15. Clean, Intuitive Interface

Your coworking software should have a clean, intuitive interface that shows you who is currently in your space, what reservations have been made, the password for day pass users, whether someone’s trying to sign up for your space, and an option to contact anyone who has a question about the software or space. You should be able to access your workspace dashboard via mobile devices so you can check-in on-the-go.

The right software for your coworking space or shared workspace can streamline your operations, minimize administrative overhead, and provide members with an intuitive, quality experience.

Satellite Deskworks is flexible workspace software designed by space operators to save time and money. Request a free demo.

Coworking Center Best Practices

Coworking Center Best Practices

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