Coworking and Coffee: a Q&A with the Craftwork Group

Coworking and coffee go hand-in-hand.

Good coffee is a must-have for many members, and a selling point for space operators.

With spaces in Fort Worth and Austin, Texas, Craftwork raises the coworking and coffee bar by creating spaces that capture the buzz and energy of a coffee shop and the professional amenities and community of a great coworking space.

Part of the Satellite Deskworks community of spaces, the Craftwork Group is on a mission to create spaces where “everyone feels welcome and valued.” As the website says, “Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee or want to connect with people in your community, The Craftwork Group wants to help.”

We connected with Director of Operations, Katherine Morris, about the vision for Craftwork, how the company has pivoted during COVID, and the team’s favorite Deskworks features.

Deskworks: Craftwork is really unique. What inspired the combination of coffee and coworking? How did your vision for the space come about?

Katherine Morris: Craftwork was founded by two friends who wanted to create a place where people could literally work at their favorite coffee shop. They desired a space where a culture of collaboration could grow among individuals who wanted to feel the energy, warmth, and community of a coffee shop in their office every single day. When deciding to create this space in Fort Worth, they met with architects, furniture partners, coffee roasters, and eventually hired employees. In what seems like an instant, Craftwork was born.

What’s the Craftwork community like? What type of professionals are generally attracted to the space?

That’s the fun part – our community is so different! From graphic designers and engineers to actors and financial professionals – Craftwork members span all industries, both large and small.


How has Craftwork pivoted during COVID?

We’ve been more lenient with our cancellation policy, and have opened up our empty office suites for daily use for our social members to help promote social distancing. We’ve also been more lenient with making short term agreements (adding a 3-month option as opposed to either monthly or 6-month). We’ve reduced the seating in our social areas, and have empowered each member to help keep spaces clean.

How do you see Craftwork fitting into the larger coworking and workspace industry?

We are uniquely positioned to offer one-off spaces for employers trying to slowly open up their offices, or temporarily closing spaces.


What drove your decision to use Satellite Deskworks?

We had been using separate platforms for conference room bookings, membership payments, and secure member internet connections. Pulling all of those features together for an affordable price was what attracted us to Satellite Deskworks.

What’s your favorite Deskworks feature?

The Reservation Calendar. It makes it super helpful for members to reserve the conference room.

And the support team is amazing. We’ve so enjoyed working with the Satellite Deskworks crew. Barbara, Logan, and Kathi have all be instrumental in making Satellite Deskworks work well for Craftwork and have always been responsive and helpful. We’re grateful for them.

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