8 Must-haves in Your Customizable Workspace Management Software

Your workspace management software needs to be flexible and customizable. It needs to work the way you work, not force you into systems and frameworks that don’t make sense for your business or team.

Whether you’re the owner/operator of a small coworking space or the CEO of a scaled workspace brand, your space management software should be a tool that makes your life and business easier—not an ongoing frustration.

The Satellite Deskworks team prides itself on creating coworking software that has everything you need to run a sustainable business the way you want to run it. Deskworks grows and scales with you, with layers of reporting and customization and features you can access and hide as needed.

Here are 8 must-haves in your customizable workspace management software.

1. Flexibility.

As mentioned above, your software should work for you—not the other way around. The Deskworks sidebar/menu bar is completely customizable. You choose what it displays and in what order. You can also customize what your members see in their menu bar, easily giving them quick access to useful information and tools by linking any URL directly into the sidebar.

2. Grow into Features

Deskworks has everything you need to power and automate a coworking space. Designed originally to power the Satellite Workplaces, a workspace brand with spaces across California, Deskworks is a full-fledged business tool, with detailed reporting, easy integration with your existing tools, and more features than you will likely use initially.

The features are there when you need them—and hidden when you don’t. The beauty of Deskworks’ customizable sidebar is that you can start simply and reimagine to suit your needs as you grow.

3. Keep it Simple Sweetheart

You may start as a small coworking space, without the need to automate operations or use network check-in to see who is in your space at any time. Deskworks lets you start small, yet it is powerful enough to be the go-to space management tool for scaled workspace brands around the world.

The simplicity of Deskworks lets members join and get right to work, rather than dealing with a lengthy onboarding and software orientation process.

4. Customize Your Plans

COVID has taught us the importance of being flexible and following the needs of our members and communities. Deskworks enables you to easily add products and plans, give discounts, pro-rate automatically, edit existing plans and much more. You can even create products on-the-fly for maximum flexibility and revenue capture.

5. Surface Your Unique Aspects

Every coworking space is different. In an increasingly crowded market, surfacing these differences becomes a superpower to attract and retain members. Your space management software should surface the unique aspects of your space and brand. And most importantly, it should reflect a commitment to serving members as efficiently and quickly as possible, so they can get working.

6. Self-sufficient Members

The last thing any space operator wants is to have to handhold every member through basic, recurring tasks, such as booking meeting room time, or updating their payment information. And the last thing any member wants is to have to stop what they’re doing to go troubleshoot a software issue with the operator. The more self sufficient members are, the more productive they can be and the less time and staff it takes to run your space.

7. Easy Integrations

No workspace software is going to be best in class for everything you need in a coworking space. If you’re looking for the magic software that does everything, adjust your expectations. You need a smart, foundational tool that enables you to run a sustainable space and business…and also integrates easily with tools designed to be very good at specific things.

For example, if you sell tickets to events, it’s smarter to integrate with Eventbrite rather than try to find a workspace software solution that is also great at handling events. If you have mailbox offerings, use software that works with Spheremail or Anytime Mailbox rather than trying to hack software that wasn’t designed for the job to handle mail notifications.

Satellite Deskworks integrates with workspace industry-leading tools and platforms, so they can do what they do best and free you up to run your space.

8. Build a Business Your Way

Your workspace management software needs to be the center of everything you do. You should be able to go where you need to from inside your software. Membership information, reservations, billing information, products, virtual mail, event listings, access codes and everything else, should be at your fingertips, through your space management software. This one-stop platform should be available to your members, as well.

The Wrap

Satellite Deskworks is extremely flexible, customizable and powerful. The Deskworks sidebar gives you the freedom to place and prioritize the reports, integrations and features that make sense for you and your members—and not clutter up the view with features you don’t need.

Contact us to schedule a free demo and see how we can make managing your coworking space easy, flexible and affordable.

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Coworking Center Best Practices

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