The Coworking Software Sweet Spot: a Q&A with Satellite Deskworks Sales Engineer Daryn DeZengotita

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The Satellite Deskworks team is growing!

In August, I came on as the part-time Marketing Manager and now Daryn DeZengotita from Table Coworking has joined the team as Sales Engineer.

What does that mean? I connected with Daryn to find out.

Cat Johnson: Hi Daryn! What’s your new role at Satellite Deskworks and what are you most looking forward to?

Daryn DeZengotita: My new role at Deskworks is exciting. I will be responsible for helping potential customers solve their problems around efficiently running a shared workspace business and making their operation sustainable.

I’m most looking forward to that “sweet spot” when I clearly understand a community manager’s frustration, and I know I have a solution for it.

You’ve been in coworking as a space operator, a consultant and service provider, a member, and an active participant in the global movement. What attracted you to working with the Satellite Deskworks team?

It’s just a damn good product.

Sadly, while consulting, I had the opportunity to choose coworking management software a few times over the years and missed Deskworks. Now that I understand how elegant it is and how it has been created from the operator’s perspective from the ground up, I’m kicking myself.

I’m looking forward to helping more founders and managers make that connection and get started with Deskworks from their launch.

The workspace industry is growing in leaps and bounds. What role do you see Deskworks playing as the industry continues its maturation?

This platform was always built to scale.

Because it was created to operate Satellite Workplaces in Silicon Valley, every aspect is designed for multi-site deployment. In fact, the next Satellite Workplaces location will launch just a short time from now and it will be added to the platform in a matter of minutes.

For the commercial real estate newcomers to the shared workspace world, Deskworks provides the kind of back office infrastructure and reporting capability with which they are familiar. Plus the member management functions required to provide top-notch hospitality.

There’s no shortage of workspace software. What separates Deskworks from the competition?

That’s an easy one . . . the patent.

Members are automatically checked in as soon as they walk into the space and their phone or other device connects to the wifi. Then, that check-in is tracked against their membership plan for auto-billing on whatever schedule is called for in their plan.

This all happens while the community manager is checking the coffee, giving a tour or facilitating a meetup.

The second differentiator is that the platform is built to reduce revenue leakage.

When we are asked how we run at such a high level of profitability at Satellite Workplaces, the answer is that it’s a little bit of everything. Monthly plans are just the beginning when it is so simple to drive revenue from so many additional sources.

Working with the founder and workspace pioneer Barbara Sprenger is a big perk of my own work with Satellite Deskworks. I learn every day about the art and science of running—and scaling—a company. Did working with Barbara play a part in your decision to join Deskworks?

Barbara is reason number one, two and three in a three-item list.

Working with her has been so illuminating for me. Everyone knows how scary smart she is, but she’s also just an extraordinary human. She brings it all together in a business with the longevity and remarkable profitability we all seek in the coworking movement.

Thanks, Daryn. Anything you’d like to add?

I know that in the coworking movement, we tend to feel some kind of way about the constant hard sell from vendors. I’ve been on the receiving end of that for years, and I still am.

I continue to provide hospitality and marketing consulting to a team of eight community managers and I am an active coworking member, too. So I will always be fully transparent about my representation of Deskworks, whether it is in an online forum or at gatherings.

But make no mistake . . . I’m in sales! This is a very competitive space and I intend to represent this company to the best of my ability.

So, get ready. With a little Texas charm, I will always. be. closing.

Run your workspace more efficiently and profitably with Satellite Deskworks. Contact us to learn more. To see Deskworks in action, request a free demo today.

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