Designing and Running an Automated, Welcoming Coworking Space

As a coworking space operator, designing your workspace correctly is a vital part of starting out on the right foot.

You can give yourself a greater chance of success if you offer a broad range of space and membership types to attract people with different financial means and workspace needs. Maximize the available market that you can serve.

On the expense side, automating the operation of your workplace will make your business easier to run and require less staff, freeing your existing staff to concentrate on the components that will increase retention: building community, making a welcoming space and planning events.

Your coworking management software should make all of this easy by enabling fast and flexible product creation, automatically tracking usage against different membership plans and quickly giving you the insights you need to make good decisions.

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Our experienced team has been running coworking spaces since 2009, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through our best practices for designing and running an automated and welcoming coworking space. These tried-and-tested methods will help you build a more profitable and sustainable coworking space.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • 10 Tips for Designing Your Coworking Space
  • Workspace IT: an Overview
  • Choosing a Printer for Your Coworking Space
  • Router Basics for Coworking Spaces: efficiency, simplicity and cost effective choices
  • Automated Coworking Access Systems: Ins & Outs for Space Operators
  • Guest Wifi Access in a Coworking Space
  • Putting it all together

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Coworking Center Best Practices

Coworking Center Best Practices

The number of shared workspaces is expected to surpass 30,000 by 2022. Make sure your space is one of the successful ones.

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