How to Provide Guest Wifi Access in a Coworking Space

What’s your strategy for giving guests to your coworking space access to your wifi?

Writing the password on a wall? Sending login details via email?

There’s a Better Way

What if a unique wifi code was automatically generated when someone purchases a day pass, reserves a meeting room, or otherwise books one of your workspace amenities?

Pretty nice, right?

Now, what if the wifi code was only valid for the time they reserved, plus 30 minutes on either side of the reservation?

See how this automation could speed up the entire process for you and your customers, and also free up your community managers to focus on managing their community?

Automated Guest Wifi Access

Satellite Deskworks, when linked with our patented network check-in, has this automation built in to every reservation.

Daypassers, event attendees, meeting hosts and their participants can all access your wifi with unique logins that have been generated—automatically—just for them.

Your Members Need a More Sophisticated Solution

Your members and users are becoming more sophisticated and much more security conscious.

Using one password for everyone—including members—is a less-than-ideal solution that opens your members up to security risks and a potentially sluggish network.

Having separate networks and logins for members and guests is slightly better, but you then have to share the guest login every time someone joins, makes a reservation, or attends an event. And you’re not showing off your great internet service to potential new members who are relegated to your slower, less-protected service.

Eliminate Unnecessary ToDo’s

The best solution is to use the Satellite Deskworks guest wifi automation that is built into our workspace management software with network check-in.

This feature eliminates an unnecessary to-do and provides enhanced security so people (who maybe had a free day a year ago) can’t stand outside your space and log on to your wifi.

Bonus: In addition to the day pass and reservation-specific access codes, Deskworks automatically generates an Access Code of the Day. This allows space operators to share a single-day code with visitors who may fall outside the scope of your product offerings.

For instance, if someone pops into your space to do a small job, and you don’t want to charge them for a day pass, you can simply give them the day’s code, and they are off and running.

It’s just a much better way to handle guest wifi.

Next Step

Contact us, attend an open Q&A, or request a demo to learn more about Satellite Deskworks workspace management software.

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