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6 Reasons to Have Network Check-in in Your Coworking Space

Imagine having people checked in at your coworking space automatically. Imagine being able to see, at a glance, who’s in your space at any time, from anywhere. This is the beauty of network check-in in a shared workspace.

You don’t have to hire a developer or try to integrate this yourself. Satellite Deskworks has developed a full-featured integration from your shared workspace management software to your wired and wireless network, allowing you to automate a number of functions and easily offer a variety of membership and guest user options. Here are six reasons to have network check-in in your space. To see Satellite Deskworks in action, request a free demo.

1. You no longer need to guess at who’s in your workspace. With network check-in, you can see everybody who’s logged on in your space, whether on a phone, tablet or laptop.

2. Members are automatically checked in against their plan. If, for example, they have a 10 day/month plan, you don’t have to keep track of how many days they’ve used—or rely on the honor system. Once they’ve used up their included days, the rest of their usage just rolls onto their monthly invoice.

3. You have great flexibility with your workspace offerings. With network check-in, you can sell members a booklet of 10 day passes, or half-day passes, or even hours. When the bucket of days or hours is empty, it’s automatically renewed through Satellite Deskworks.

4. You can forget messy integrations. With Satellite Deskworks network check-in, you don’t have to integrate a third party system that requires a programmer to set up. Network check-in is seamlessly integrated into your workspace software.

5. You can give wifi access codes to guests for reservations in meeting rooms and other workspace offerings. When someone has a reservation, Satellite Deskworks automatically creates a guest wifi code that provides access to the wifi for half hour before and half hour after the reservation. This way, you don’t have to worry about non-members overstaying their reservation.

6. You can make day passes (or even hour passes) available for self-purchase through a splash page on your website. This way, non-members can easily buy a daypass, membership, or anything else you want offered on the splash page all by themselves. When a non-member wants a daypass, they just go on the network and will immediately hit a splash page, where they’re offered a daypass, half daypass, etc. When they purchase the pass, the network opens for the duration of that pass and closes at the end.

Network check-in is a powerful way to automate many of your workspace offerings. Satellite Deskworks makes network check-in easy by integrating it seamlessly into your coworking management software. Request a free demo today.


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