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Get the Deal You Made with Your Landlord in Writing

Business, Note From the CEO

by Barbara Sprenger, founder and CEO of Satellite Deskworks Yes, we’re coming down the home stretch […]


When Do You Need Coworking Software? 9 Tips for New Workspace Operators

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

When do you need software to run your coworking space? The short answer is, before […]


How to Run a Coworking Space with Just One Person

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

Can one person run a coworking space? Can you run a space remotely? Can you […]

How to Keep Your Coworking Revenue Steady

How to Keep Your Coworking Revenue Steady During the 2020 Holidays

Business, Coworking

This is a tough time to be a coworking space operator. Your revenue is likely […]

Notes from Deskworks CEO Barbara Sprenger graphic

The Stimulus is Your Coworking Friend


by Barbara Sprenger, founder and CEO of Satellite Deskworks Covid and government stimulus plans are […]

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The Rise of Close to Home Coworking (and How to Harness It)

Business, Coworking

When Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger launched Satellite Workspaces in 2009, she had never […]


Easy Steps to Open Your Coworking Space Post-COVID

Business, Community, Coworking

As coworking spaces reopen after COVID-19, there are cleaning and safety protocols that must be […]


Satellite Deskworks is Now Fully Accessible Software

Business, Coworking Software, Technology

The Deskworks team is proud to report that Satellite Deskworks workspace management software meets all […]

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