Credit Card Processing in a Shared Workspace: an Operator’s Guide

Coworking Software, Technology

For shared workspace operators, the components of credit card processing can be confusing.

10 Shared Workspace Reports to Run Every Week or Month

Coworking Software, Technology

There’s an old adage that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. For shared workspace operators, running reports to gather information about your space is essential.

Workspace IT: an Overview from the Coworking Pros


For new shared workspace operators, information technology (IT) can be challenging. If you have a dedicated IT person, great.

6 Ways to Make Shared Workspace Members More Self-sufficient

Coworking Software, Technology

One of the best ways to run your shared workspace more efficiently is to empower your members to do as much as possible.

18 Ways to Use Slack with Your Distributed, Shared Workspace Team

Coworking Software, Technology

As the shared workspace industry grows, space operators find themselves working with team members, collaborators and contractors from around the world.

Coworking Software: 15 Must-Have Features

Coworking, Coworking Software, Technology

Running a shared workspace is no small task. There are countless questions to be answered, problems to be solved and decisions to be made.

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