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Not Ready for a Full Deskworks Demo? We Created Something Just for You

Each week, Satellite Deskworks CEO Barbara Sprenger and our sales team demo our software for workspace operators around the world.

From small, independent coworking spaces to scaled workspace brands with thousands of members, and everything in-between, workspace teams are turning to Deskworks to automate many of their operations so they can save time and make more money.

Demos give us an opportunity to address your specific questions, give you a custom tour of Deskworks, and show you how we put saving operators time and money at the center of our workspace management software.

But demos aren’t for everyone.

Maybe you’re just starting to look at coworking software; maybe a demo sounds like too much of a commitment; maybe you don’t have time for a full demo; maybe you’re not happy with your existing software but you can’t even think about making a change right now.

We get it, and we created something just for you.

Every Friday we’re hosting open Q&As with our sales engineer Daryn DeZengotita. These Q&As offer an informal way to learn more about Satellite Deskworks and how we can help you run a profitable, sustainable workspace.

If you have questions and a few minutes to learn about our patented workspace software that can check members in automatically, auto-generate guest wifi codes, enable people to purchase memberships and products right from your website, and empower you run your space with a single operator, pour yourself a cup on Friday and join us for an informal Q&A.

Feel free to drop in anytime during the hour. We’ll do our best to answer all your questions so you can get back to running a great space.

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Ready for a free demo? Request one here
Contact the Satellite Deskworks team with any questions

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