Satellite Deskworks and LiquidSpace: Helping Workspace Operators Increase Revenue and Generate Leads

Can members—and non-members—easily make room reservations in your coworking space?

Whether you have meeting rooms, a conference room, a podcast booth, private offices, workstations, open coworking or any combination of these, people want to quickly and efficiently book the space, make payment, and get on with their work.

Satellite Deskworks does that…and much more.

Our patented workspace software integrates with a number of apps, tools and services to make running a space easier.

LiquidSpace and Satellite Deskworks

The Deskworks integration with Liquidspace, a workspace network and online marketplace for meeting space and office use, lets you generate more revenue and get qualified leads into your space.

When you list your available spaces on Liquidspace, people looking for a conference room for the day or a coworking space in your area can quickly see your availability in the Liquidspace app and book it.

The LiquidSpace to Deskworks integration is done using Google calendar as a connector for the two systems. Your Deskworks calendar updates in realtime, as reservations are booked on the Liquidspace app, and the app can read your availability in real time.

Setting up this integration is quick and easy. Doing so puts your workspace in front of teams and professionals looking for offices, meeting room, open coworking, dedicated desks, production rooms and more.

Simplifying Workspace Operations

As the LiquidSpace website explains, “Our online tools simplify the discovery and transaction of office space, and our reimagined legal framework eliminates the cost and complexities of traditional leasing.”

Through LiquidSpace, people can find your space, book workspace and make payment without engaging your staff.

Your team’s job is to wow them when they come into your coworking space.

Let Us Help

Satellite Deskworks automates workspace operations and empowers members and operators to do more. Our comprehensive software is designed by veteran space operators who understand what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable coworking business.

Contact our team to learn more about our integration with LiquidSpace and dozens of other tools, including QuickBooks, Kisi, ezeep, Greetly and CloudVO.

Request a demo to see how Satellite Deskworks can help you grow your workspace.

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