So, What is Coworking Anyway?

For people in the shared workspace world, coworking is something we talk about all day, every day.

To hear our in-depth conversations about community, workspace wellness, design, productivity, open spaces, phone booths, meeting room amenities and how we’re creating the future of work, you’d think coworking already was the way everyone worked.

But I regularly meet people (it happened just this week) who have never heard the word coworking and know nothing about the concept of shared workspaces.

What is Coworking?

To help bring clarity to the broader coworking conversation, the team at Alliance Virtual put together the “Ultimate Guide to Coworking.” A nice overview, the guide is designed for “anyone who is interested in coworking.”

As author Ceci Amador writes:

“Whether you are part of the fan club, an active coworking user, someone who’s looking for the right coworking space, part of the HR department of a large or small company, or if you’re just curious as to what all the fuss is about, this guide is for you.”

Amador digs into what coworking is, gives a general overview of the movement, showcases the people who work in coworking spaces and the basic amenities they use, covers types of coworking membership, offers tips on finding the right coworking space, touches on the benefits of coworking, and concludes with a nice infographic on coworking etiquette. (For more tips, check out my Ultimate Guide to Coworking Etiquette)

Coworking Projections

In addition to giving newcomers a glimpse into coworking, the guide digs into the numbers, trends and projections for the global workspace industry. As Amador reports:

“By 2022, 5.1 million people will be coworking; by 2030, 30% of corporate portfolios will be comprised of coworking or some other form of flexible workspace; in the next few years, coworking will represent between 5%-10% of office inventory in various markets; and coworking will grow in retail space at a rate of 25% annually through 2023.

There are hundreds of stats out there that prove coworking’s success; and though many still believe it’s a bubble, the recent entrance of property groups and landlords into the playing field is a key indicator that coworking is here to stay.”

Read more: The Ultimate Guide to Coworking

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Coworking Center Best Practices

Coworking Center Best Practices

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