Questions About Opening or Scaling a Shared Workspace? Let Us Help

In 2009, Satellite Workplaces opened its first shared workspace in Felton, California. Since then, the company has grown to six profitable spaces around California. The Satellite team also created custom software to run its spaces and, in 2014, made Satellite Deskworks shared workspace software available to other space operators.

Long story short, the Satellite team helped pioneer the shared workspace industry and created a proven workspace software solution. For years, we’ve helped other operators run their spaces more effectively and efficiently. We’re pleased to now offer coworking space consulting services to help other space operators launch, scale or improve their shared workspace.

Our Consulting Services Bucket of Hours Package includes eight hours of consulting from various members of our team in a number of different areas, including business management, marketing, sales, operations, automation and workspace IT. Further Consulting Buckets can be set up for automatic renewal as needed.

Here are some of the topics we can help you with:

Startup Your Shared Workspace

  • Site and lease evaluation, including space size for population and demographics, lease term and structure, pricing for your market, tenant improvements , negotiation assistance and recommendations
  • Proforma workbook: includes pricing, income and expense calculations, monthly and annual profit and loss analysis, capital expenditure needs, breakeven analysis
  • Space design and layout to encourage community, productivity and well-being, while maximizing sustainability and revenue
  • Review and setup of membership plans and other offerings, including market evaluation
  • New Member Information package design, including terms and conditions, member info, facilities use, etc.
  • Workspace Coordinator Manual design
  • Workspace software
  • IT infrastructure, wifi systems, 24/7 access systems and door locks, noise cancellation
  • Website and Wordpress

Ongoing Workspace Development and Strategy

  • Marketing plans including listing services, marketing workbook, content marketing, Craigslist and other advertising
  • Additional offerings, including virtual services, phones, IT services, credit card processing, etc.
  • Member onboarding, member events, member business development support, and building community
  • Setting and communicating expectations

Additional Consulting Services for Your Shared Workspace

  • Community manager orientation
  • Ongoing oversight of community managers
  • Ongoing IT support services


The price for a Consulting Services Bucket of Hours Package, which includes eight hours of consultation, is $995. For more information and to set up your first bucket of consulting hours, contact the Satellite team at

Satellite Deskworks is flexible workspace software designed by space operators to save time and money. Request a free demo today.

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Coworking Center Best Practices

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