Satellite Deskworks to Introduce a Workspace CRM, a Community Feature and a Mobile App

The Satellite Deskworks team is proud of what we’ve done with our shared workspace software. In 2017, we added 19 new features, including automated check-in, calendar integration, increased reporting and permissions, and much more. And we have big plans for 2018.

Our three priority projects are: a CRM built into Satellite Deskworks, a communications tool with a public-facing member profile and an internal member communications feature, and a mobile app. Here’s a sneak peek into what we’re planning.

Shared Workspace CRM

A coworking CRM, or customer relations management, is a tool for managing all your shared workspace team’s relationships and interactions with members and potential members. The Satellite Deskworks CRM will allow users to do a number of things, including automatically adding to the CRM anyone who subscribes to your email list, requests a tour, or takes any other action that requires an email or contact information.

These people will be added as prospects. Once they’re in the CRM, workspace operators will have easy access to their contact information which can be customized with any fields.

The Satellite Deskworks CRM will look the same as a member profile, but the person will be tagged as a prospect. The profile will include any fields a space operator wants or needs. When the time comes to convert the prospect to a member, you can do it with one click in their member profile.

The Satellite Deskworks workspace CRM will also enable workspace operators to log prospect-related tasks, including phone and email follow-ups, and have them appear on the dashboard as to-dos for the day. Operators will be able to track all contacts with an individual and have them display as multiple comments that will auto date and initial.

As Satellite Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger explains, this is a big benefit to busy coworking space operators.

“Space operators are always having to track leads and keep track of what happened from a tour, who’s coming in, etc.,” she says. “You don’t want to have to do that in a whole totally different piece of software where you have to learn a new structure. You want it to tie in as close as possible. The Satellite Deskworks CRM will do that.”

Satellite Deskworks helps people run shared workspaces more efficiently. To see it in action, request a free demo.

Community Connector Communication Tool

The goal for the Satellite Deskworks Community Connector is twofold: create a public-facing component that enables members to share aspects of their profile with the public in a searchable Meet Our Members page that is created as a link on your public-facing website, and create an internal member communications tool.

With these two aspects, members will have an added membership benefit of being marketed to the extended community, and members will be able to communicate easily with fellow members and the community at large.

The Community Connector will be convenient and simple enough that members will actually use it. If your coworking center likes using a Slack, LinkedIn or Facebook group, that can connect right in as well.

Workspace Software Mobile App

One of the most powerful features of Satellite Deskworks is being able to see, remotely, what is going on in your workspace from any device: laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Satellite Deskworks mobile app link lets you and your members add a quick app icon right from one’s dashboard. This gives you the entire program, not just a stripped down version, directly on any mobile device.

You’ll be able to see who’s in your space at any given time, make or modify meeting room reservations, add a new member, view workspace reports and everything else you can do from your Satellite Deskworks dashboard, from wherever you are.

Do you need to see who is currently in the space? Open the app and you can see everyone logged in. Are you curious about the current accounts receivable? Open a report and take a look. Do you think you have a Saturday reservation? You can check it out on the fly.

2018 will bring big things for Satellite Deskworks and that means an even better experience for workspace operators. Stay tuned.

Satellite Deskworks is clean, flexible shared workspace software designed by space operators. To see Satellite Deskworks in action, request a free demo.

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