Workspace in the Redrock of Utah: a Q&A with St. George Executive Suites

We see the full spectrum of flexible workspace operators using Satellite Deskworks. St. George Executive Suites is an interesting example that stayed full during the pandemic, with a community that is looking for a more traditional private office environment.

Located in St. George, Utah, a quickly-growing town in the magnificent redrock desert of southwestern Utah, St. George Executive Suites provides offices, conference room rental by the hour, day, week or month, virtual office and mail packages and day offices in a professional working environment overlooking the natural beauty of the area.

We chatted with Community Manager Andrea Ventura about serving traveling professionals, the welcoming atmosphere and community in the space, and about how they maintain 100 percent occupancy.

Satellite Deskworks: How is St. George Executive Suites different from other office rental facilities in St. George?

Andrea Ventura: The space is divided up into four condos. In each of these condos we have roughly eight offices. Initially, the plan was to rent each condo as an open office. But it took a while to rent those desks because people wanted a private office.

I would rent one desk at a time, and that would last for maybe six months or so, then they’d leave and then someone else would come in and rent a desk for a short time. For some reason, this location is just not a fan of desks. At this location, everyone wants a private office they can rent monthly.

St George Executive Suites - Workspace in the Redrock of Utah

What kind of professionals does the space and community attract?

We have therapists here, accountants, attorneys, an insurance lady for Medicare, then we have a staffing agency, mortgage brokers, real estate professionals—it really varies.

Do your members interact with each other? What’s the vibe in the space?

Everyone’s pretty friendly. They usually talk amongst each other, but since the whole Covid thing, I’ve been really hesitant about bringing people together.

Some people are still just very cautious, but they do speak to each other from a distance. And they all do like meeting new people. We have about half of the people coming in, even though we’re at 100 percent occupancy.

Did you get to 100 percent during Covid, as people wanted more private space, or have you been at full capacity for a while?

We’ve been at 100 percent for quite some time. I actually had four vacancies last year. One month it was four vacancies, the second month it was two vacancies, the third month it was one vacancy, then it was 100 percent full.

This year I had two or three vacancies that lasted a few months, and now I’m full again, so I’ve got a waiting list.

St George Executive Suites - Coworking space software review

What is it about the space that people enjoy most?

Everyone is wanting to get away from home, and they love the atmosphere here. They pick this location versus other locations because it’s just different.

Will you tell me more about that? It looks like a beautiful space.

It is really nice. I managed executive suites for 15 years. We had strict guidelines and I had certain expectations on how the teams would do the tours, how they’re supposed to handle their tenants, meet with the clients, greet their guests and everything. I made sure all my managers were top-notch friendly. Whatever they were doing, they put it down, and they greeted the customer with their first name. I carry that here too and it makes a difference.

Do you serve many tourists? St. George is a great traveling town and, during the winter, it has a lot of people who want to get away from the snow—or is it mostly locals?

We do have ways for people passing through to work in the space. We’ve had quite a few people that are just passing through as they’re going to Zion National Park. They’ll need an office for a day or several hours, and we can provide that.

I have someone from Washington D.C. coming in to rent the conference room, I’ve got somebody from Salt Lake coming in September, and someone driving through is going to be here this weekend to rent the day office. So we do have quite a few tourists coming through.

St George Executive Suites - Workspace management software review

Do you keep a day office open just for that situation?

I’ve actually had to open another office. So I have two day offices now just to accommodate that. And I have virtual packages that include day office rental, so the day office gets a lot of use. It’s a rare occasion where I’ll have a day office not rented.

What sets St. George Executive Suites apart from an office space in a bigger city such as Salt Lake?

I think it’s just the atmosphere. It’s very peaceful here. It’s very quiet. The atmosphere is very calming. Then I make people feel at home and help them get familiar with the area. That way, they can tell their clients and guests where to go and what to do. I make sure to walk them through everything so they have a clear, concise idea of what they’re doing, where they’re going and what to expect.

St. George Executive Suites is powered by Satellite Deskworks. What’s your favorite Deskworks feature?

I love the automated billing, I love the KPI dashboard—I’m always checking my numbers. I love, love, love the reservation calendar. I love that the guests can go in there and update their billing so that I don’t have to, I like the clickable floorplan. I love Deskworks.

St George Executive Suites - Satellite Deskworks Review

How would you advise another space operator or community manager who’s thinking about Deskworks?

I reached out to someone a couple of months ago who was thinking about opening up a workspace. I was like, “Well if you do, you can’t do it without Deskworks.”

Deskworks keeps track of your reservations, it’s an easy setup, it makes billing a breeze, you can pull whatever report that you need, it keeps track of your reservations, all your members and guests are saved in there. It’s your complete lifeline to run your business. Pretty much whatever you want to know, it’s going to provide it for you.

Satellite Deskworks helps space operators all over the world run automated, sustainable, and profitable shared workspaces. To learn more about the power of Deskworks, request a demo with us!


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