6 Ways to Make Shared Workspace Members More Self-sufficient

One of the best ways to run your shared workspace more efficiently is to empower your members to do as much as possible.

If you’re running a space by yourself, or with a lean staff, you need to take as much of the mundane work off your staff and your community managers as you can. Plus, most people in coworking spaces and shared offices want to be able to do things for themselves.

Here are six ways to make your shared workspace members more self-sufficient.

1. Have members make their own meeting room reservations

Your shared workspace software should make it easy for members to make their own meeting room reservations. Members should also be able to cancel and change their reservations without having to involve the community manager. It needs to be easy and intuitive.

To do this, you need software that enables you to program in reservation parameters. You need to be able to make the rooms only available during certain hours; you need to be able to set different parameters for different locations if you have more than one; and you need to be able to easily set parameters around holidays. And, you need to be able to make changes to these parameters on-the-fly.

2. Have new members register themselves

New members should do as much of the registration as possible themselves, and the process should be intuitive. This means entering their contact details and payment information, and selecting their membership plan, along with any other information you want to capture.

When new members register through Satellite Deskworks, five things happen at once:


  1. A member profile is created
  2. Credit card information is securely stored for future use
  3. The membership is chosen and a recurring billing is created with a Next Bill Date
  4. The first charge is pro-rated and posted
  5. The first payment is taken

3. Give members access to their statements

Members should be able to pull their own statements at any time for any date range. That way, whether they’re doing taxes at the end of the year, or just need an overview of expenses for a given period, they can easily get their statement themselves.

4. Let members update their information as needed

When a member moves, make it easy for them to update their own address. When they get a new credit card, make it easy to update their credit card information. Doing so removes your community manager from middle-man duties and lets your members stay up-to-date quickly and easily.

5. Get a high-quality, easy to use printer

Invest in a high-quality, easy to use printer so members can do their printing, scanning, faxing and copying on their own. Be sure they have an access code so you can capture the costs, and have software that lets you post all monthly printer charges with one click.

6. Let members make their own coffee

Providing bottomless coffee is an essential part of running a coworking space. Create an easy system for making coffee so members can do it for themselves if the pot’s empty. They will feel more like members, and your community manager will get pulled in one less direction.

The big picture

Satellite Deskworks is software designed by shared workspace operators to run a space efficiently and effectively. Making members as self-sufficient as possible is a key part of this.

Deskworks is also flexible enough to support members who may want or need more assistance with onboarding. As Satellite Deskworks founder and CEO Barbara Sprenger puts it, “It’s important to have a system that allows you to work in lots of different ways.”

Satellite Deskworks is a clean, flexible software solution to help you run your shared workspace. Request a free demo.

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