What Do Young People Want From a Workspace? Not What You Think.

The days of workspace ping pong tables, on-tap beer and hammocks might be over.

A recent study by Workthere on the future of offices found that Gen Z’ers want things far more substantial than these flashy-but-ultimately-empty workspace perks.

A Seismic Shift

Workthere founder Cal Lee described it as a “seismic shift away from the ‘fun’ workspaces which have attracted so many young graduates to-date.”

Lee added, “Our findings show that the emphasis has moved onto fundamental values which translate into different workplace priorities where culture is very much at the epicentre.”

So what do young people want from a workspace?

Workspace Simplicity

It’s pretty simple, actually.

They want comfortable work areas, high quality WiFi, natural light and health insurance.

Note: They want generous pensions too, but that’s not necessarily in the wheelhouse of workspace operators.

Plus Flexibility

The study also found that flexibility is very important to young workers. An overwhelming 83 percent of those surveyed said having flexibility in the way they work is an important factor when embarking on a career.

And they want desks, with 79 percent expressing a desire to have their own defined workspace.

Less Flash, More Substance

How does this fit with a company’s goals to reduce overhead, offer flexibility to remote workers, and support a workforce with changing values and needs?

That’s for business owners, employees, and workspace operators to figure out.

But one thing is clear: the office of the future will be less focused on flashy fun and more focused on substance.

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