The best part about Satellite Deskworks is that someone who has never been to our space can look at the pictures of the conference room and click “Book Now.” It books the room immediately, it goes right to the payment processing, and they pre-pay. Before, we would book a conference room, block it out on the calendar, then have people not show up. Now, if they don’t show up, they’ve already prepaid and there’s no return policy on that. We love that “Book Now” feature.  

Tamara Payne - Co-founder and Chief Connector at Ensemble Coworking

The Deskworks team was available and able to explain everything. Coworking software has not yet arrived and I think part of that is because coworking has not yet totally arrived—it’s not a huge market segment. But because the Deskworks team was already in the business of coworking, they understand the particular challenges. That people perspective gave Deskworks the ability to empathize with us and help onboard new members. That’s why we chose Deskworks and continue to stay with Deskworks.

David Edmunds - CEO at Salt Mine

We’re a dynamic and agile company and we’re always trying to work smarter in place of harder—we already work hard enough. Too many precious hours were being spent trying to invoice and and do this, and collect all of that. When we found Satellite Deskworks, it was wonderful to have a platform that could take all of that off our plates and make it a more seamless process. We could connect with our members and feel like a safe and secure financial transaction happened while maintaining a good, high-touch relationship.

Mai Linh Tompkins - Co-CEO of Capsity

Three years ago I looked at basically everything that was on the market. Satellite Deskworks was the one that just seemed to have the most features that worked for us, that made the most sense economically, and that could scale with us as we grew.

Kate Richardson - Co-founder of InDo Nashville

As a community manager, you’re basically running a business by yourself. You’ve got to be scrappy. To grow a business to 50 locations, you need a standard that you set for everyone, and Deskworks gives us that standard for us as a company to build on.

Lindsey Kneeland - Community Manager at Union Cowork

I work with the Satellite Deskworks team and have a great relationship with them. We have transparent and open, streamlined communication. If we find an issue, we’ll talk through it together and come up with ways to solve it. Then they kick it over to the developers to see what they can come up with. That the team is agile and open to suggestions from folks running coworking spaces is huge. It’s confidence building.

Alex Anderson - Director of Coworking at Covo

We’ve been on a journey of how to shape our memberships. We knew what we were starting with and were learning what other memberships we needed. Knowing that we had the option to just go into Deskworks and easily modify our memberships was key.

Carina Boston Pinales - Founder of Splash Coworking

The functionality of this software, and management of it, is [built] from a business perspective. We can run reports and see what’s working and what’s not working. That was huge for us. I’d caution any coworking space looking at software that’s heavy on the social side. There are other ways of doing that and it’s not the most important part of your software.

Tamara Payne - Co-founder and Chief Connector at Ensemble Coworking

Deskworks is well thought-out. It’s intuitive and it provides a lot of flexibility as to how you want to manage your space. Whether you want to offer people day passes or hourly bookings or other combinations, there’s a good amount of flexibility built into the program. And it continues to evolve and add new features all the time.

Victor Mataraso - Founder of Victory Workspace

If you’ve ever worked with a beautiful software service that has great curb appeal but you have a hard time reaching customer support, or you feel like you’re not heard or appreciated as a customer, that can be a very frustrating experience. What drew us in and what has kept us as Deskworks customers is the reliability and the trust they work to build with their clientele

Alex Anderson - Director of Coworking at Covo

Satellite Deskworks founders are coworking owners themselves. They’re not a software company that created software but didn’t actually use it. They have seven spaces so we knew they had their stuff together. We’ve really challenged them with functionalities we’d like to see and they’re very responsive. There’s a quick turnaround. It’s great to have them very close and get a quick response.

Dawn Shannon - Co-founder and Chief Activator at Ensemble Coworking

If you’re serious about running your coworking space as a business—if you’re a business-minded person that wants ease in entering your members, tracking them, running reports, and having a robust management software, this is it. As a business owner, you have to run your business. Satellite Deskworks helps you run your business.

Tamara Payne - Co-founder and Chief Connector at Ensemble Coworking